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Providing luxury yachting services worldwide, NASCO Yachts are proud to be leading the way in a demanding destination management business sector. This is thanks to our high level of investment in the latest technology, which ensures enhanced efficiency when it comes to providing fast and trustworthy information without compromising on competitive pricing.

Suez Canal transit

If you are looking to pass through the Suez Canal, then we can help to take care of the process. The process can prove challenging and there are processes in place that have to be followed.

To undertake the passage through the Suez Canal, whether you are a super yacht, a sailing yacht or a smaller vessel, you are going to need to plan the route, provide notification of your intentions as well as regular communication.

Our experience as a yacht agent and a port agent ensures that we can monitor the entire process from the moment you leave one of our Egypt marinas. We will ensure that the entire transit is simple and efficient. We have assisted many yachts leaving the Red Sea so they can embark through the Suez Canal.


❃ Hurghada Marina

❃ Port Ghalib Marina

❃ Taba Marina

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Suez Canal Crossing

(“Passenger Ships” & “Cruise Ships” only with passengers on board) and “Yachts” of SC.G.T 300 tons or more calling Egyptian “Mediterranean Sea” & “Red Sea”

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